Apple Tree Literary is a new literary agency founded by Max Edwards. Representing a range of authors from journalism and academic non-fiction, to genre fiction, Apple Tree Literary strives to build long lasting careers for its authors, ensuring every element of the authorial process is catered for in a bespoke manner.

We pride ourselves in helping shape books from the ground up - be that sculpting an initial non-fiction idea into a proposal, or helping a novel with promise sing on the page.

We work closely with our partners for subsidiary rights. Our Foreign Rights are handled by The Marsh Agency, and our Film & TV rights by James Carroll at Northbank Talent.

We actively welcome submissions - see our submissions guidelines for how to submit, and below for what we are looking for.



Max Edwards worked as a bookseller at Blackwell’s in Oxford and for Sports Interactive, developers of the computer game Football Manager, before moving into publishing. After 5 years working at the likes of United Agents, Rogers, Coleridge and White and Mulcahy Associates, he set-up Apple Tree Literary in 2019.

Max works across both fiction and non-fiction. He represents a number of brilliant journalists and academics writing for a trade audience, as well as genre-fiction and YA novelists.

He is looking for great stories that can be told through non-fiction; either unique or suprising takes on a subject, or something wildly original. He'd love to hear from academics mixing the arts and sciences in a new way, journalists wanting to take their writing beyond the article, sports writers with a new way of exploring what we play (particularly football), or new writers with an untold history to tell. His favourite non-fiction of recent years includes To Be A Machine by Mark O'Connell, The Secret Lives of Colour by Kasia St. Clair, The Secret Lives of Trees by Peter Wohlleben (there's a theme here...) and anything by Michael Calvin or Jon Ronson.

In fiction he's a massive fan of books that mix genres in a unique way – think the SF/crime mashup of The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle or the literary/science fiction of Station 11. He's a sucker for high concepts, smart plots and unique characters – twists and turns, good (and bad) guys with depth and life, setups that make him go ‘oooh’. He's got a thing for SFF, police procedurals, and is also a fan of clever YA fiction that never dumbs down.