Twitter: @paullicino

Paul Dean began writing about video games, the internet and new media back in 2001 and cut his teeth in several of the popular magazines of the era, including PC Format and PC Gamer. Since then, he has written thousands of articles for publications as diverse as The Telegraph, Eurogamer, How We Get to Next, IGN and The New Statesman, often topics that reach far beyond his initial interests. Paul co-founded the long-running board game site and show Shut Up & Sit Down, also kicking off its associated convention SHUX in 2017, a show that debuted to great acclaim.

Some of his most widely-read contemporary work includes the autobiographical A Year in Stardew Valley and the self-published essays On Poverty and On Immigration. His many interview subjects have included a World War II fighter pilot, an award-winning composer and the creator of Britain’s hottest curry. His more unusual work has featured everything from a profile of an eccentric and singular CEO to the story of his testicular exam. He has been featured many times on BBC and CBC radio, has taught writing for interactive media and is an annual speaker at the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Paul is working on his first sole-authored book, a memoir of class expectations and low-income living in England.