Twitter: @SnorriKristjans

Snorri Kristjansson is an Icelandic writer living in Edinburgh with his wife. He has turned his hand to many things, including comedy, music and theatre, and is easily bribed with cake.

If your list of things that make up a good story includes bloodshed, Vikings and enthusiastic swearing, Snorri Kristjansson is your man. An Icelandic writer who lives in Edinburgh with his wife, he will be claiming settled status based on the fact that he has a tea preference (normal tea, no milk), can talk about biscuits for a good half-hour (structural integrity is important, but there are exceptions to the rule) and doesn't really understand cricket (too many numbers) but finds the sound of it quite soothing.

He has written 5 books for adults, three books in The Valhalla Saga  and two in The Helga Finnsdottir Mysteries, all for Jo fletcher Books. His latest book, Council, is forthcoming from Jo Fletcher Books in 2019. He is writing his first book for children.

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