Please note we accept submissions by email only.

Please send submisssions by email to, with the subject line "SUBMISSION: Title by Author". Please see About Us for what Max is looking for. Please do not send him poetry, self-help or lifestyle books, picture books, or romance novels.


For fiction:

Please send a cover letter, synopsis and first three chapters of your novel. If your book has very short or long chapters, please send the first 7,500 words or so as a sample of your writing.

Do tell us a bit about you, your writing history - keep your cover letter polite and professional, but don't be afraid to pop a bit of personality in if you fancy.


For non-fiction:

Please send a cover letter, 1-2 page summary of the book, an outline of a couple of sentences on each chapter, a sample of your writing (either directly on this book, or, in some rare cases related to subject and written elsewhere) and some observations on why your book might work in a trade market. If you feel ready to send a full proposal, please do - though as non-fiction tends to be sold a proposal I'm happy to work with potential authors at an earlier stage than a novel, especially as the shaping of a non-fiction proposal is often best-served by working closely on how the structure and approach will work with its intended market.